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When people think of aromatherapy, one of the first aspects to come to mind are the essential oils.  Extracted from various parts of plants, aromatherapy essential oils have a myriad of uses.  Many possess various medicinal qualities from helping to treat acne to the ability to boost your immune system.  They can also be used in aromatherapy diffusers and aromatherapy oil burners to fill a room with the essence of the original plant.  The aroma of the essential oil has an effect on your body, too.  Depending on the original plant, an aromatherapy essential oil may reinvigorate you, revitalizing your body and titillating your senses.  Other oils may soothe you after a hard day, peeling away the day's stress and delivering you to a calmer, more relaxing state.

These articles will provide you with information about some of the aromatherapy essential oils available, from the common to the exotic.  You will also find descriptions of the oils as well as some of their benefits.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Articles