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Neem Oil: An All-Natural Disinfectant

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Neem oil is one of the lesser known aromatic oils, in fact it is better known as an insecticide and pesticide than as an aromatic oil.  As you can imagine, that certainly does not do wonders for its reputation. Agricultural pesticides containing large amounts of neem oil have been approved by various national authorities as safe for use against aphids, mites, powdery mildew and other inconveniences. It even keeps flowers and other delicate plants from diseases. Neem oil is also known to act as a lethal repellent to spiders, cockroaches, and common home and household pests.

Neem Oil’s Natural Powers

The neem tree has been traditionally prized in India as a wonder plant for centuries, because of the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties of the substances that could be extracted from it. Unto this day, neem leaves are crushed and turned into disinfectant powders, which are subsequently sprinkled on sickbeds and around hospital wards in some Indian regions. Doing this is believed to prevent the spread of disease.

The inherent disinfecting strength of this oil has made it effective as an unguent for certain yeast infections. Some dermatological diseases, like acne and eczema, also fall prey to this oil's unique healing powers.

Using Neem Oil Safely and Effectively

Among the most notable accomplishments of neem oil is its ability to fend off head lice and scabies! Some famous liniments and shampoos may include it as a component, and yet consumers are not immediately aware that the oil is the "secret sauce" to which these over-the-counter products owe their effectiveness.

Neem oil is a non-toxic substance that is safe to on animals, birds, and of course humans. It is used in aromatherapy to relieve tiredness and soothe aching and unhealthy skin. Very pure neem oil has an odd garlic smell, though oil that is processed for dermatological use has significantly less of this. A touch of eucalyptus oil, or another fragrant oil, should serve to overwhelm the slight traces of that natural scent.

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