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Sandalwood Essential Oil

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Sandalwood essential oil comes from an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia.  The oil of the sandalwood tree is very difficult to obtain.  The tree must be allowed to mature, sometimes taking thirty years or more, before the oil can be extracted from its roots.  It is, in part, for this reason that the essential oil of the sandalwood tree is so prized and also expensive.

The sandalwood tree itself is an influential part of many cultures, especially those in Asia.  Various parts of the tree, from its wood to the essential oils, are used in everything from building temples to burial ceremonies.  The oil itself has been used throughout history by everyone from the ancient Egyptians to many cultures today, worldwide.

Characteristics of the Sandalwood Essential Oil

The essential oil of the sandalwood tree is translucent with a yellowish tint.  The extract is known for possessing a deep, woodsy aroma that has sweetness to it.  The oil, and the wood itself, are known to be effective in repelling insects.

Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

The benefits of sandalwood essential oil are many and varied; among them are the properties that make it useful in aromatherapy.  The aroma of the extract is said to possess aphrodisiac qualities. The scent produced by the oil is more widely known to relax the body and ease the mind.  This is the perfect combination for those needing helping to release all of the stress accumulated during the course of the day.  The smell of sandalwood is so effective at calming the mind that it is sometimes used in meditation.

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