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Luxurious Laving with Lavender Oil

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Advocates of the delicate craft of aromatherapy prize oils that have a naturally soothing, delicate smell. And when it comes to natural fragrance, few other substances could boast of the status enjoyed by lavender oil. This oil has become famous not just for its relaxing scent, but also for its healing powers. Acne is one of the common diseases that are significantly soothed by using lavender oil. Light burns, scars, and dry chapping skin are among the afflictions alleviated by regular application.

Lavender Oil for Bathing

This is an essential oil, which means it is extracted from a natural organism - in this case, the lavender flower through steam distillation. Where do people find the flowers to use in the process? Well, lavenders are natural to the Mediterranean region. France is where the best quality lavenders are said to thrive.

Is it any wonder then this type of oil happens to be most popular in Europe? In fact, the use of this oil as a bath scent was quite popular in ancient Rome. "Lavare," incidentally, is Latin for "to wash." A few drops of blended lavender oil in the bath would set free a light, heady fragrance, which would fill up the room and create a relaxing atmosphere. Many a satisfied customer has claimed that bathing with this oil at the end of a long, tiring day serves creates a scenario of total relaxation -- where all one's worries and sadness are washed away, breathing becomes easier, and even tense muscles are eased.

Lavender Oil in Aromatherapy

The scent of lavender is tension’s mortal enemy. A person frequently suffering from headaches and migraines may find that light massaging of lavender oil to the temples will remarkably engage one's senses, and reduce the pain. Actress Melissa Joan Hart declared once that she puts a drop of lavender essential oil on her pillow before she goes to sleep – presumably to ensure that she get a good night’s rest.

Lavender oil can be used in various other aromatherapy applications as well. It is an ingredient in many air fresheners. Aromatherapy lamps emit a fresh, heady scent when this oil is used. For an aromatherapy massage, lavender oil has been shown to relax the muscles and relieve nervous tension. However you decide to incorporate this powerful natural product in your daily personal care regimen, you can do so without fear. Lavender oil does not have any major side effects but the health benefits are numerous.

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