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Frankincense Essential Oil

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As most would surmise, frankincense essential oil comes from none other than the frankincense tree.  Native to Northeastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, the tree thrives in such arid, rocky regions.

Frankincense has been prized for its aroma and medicinal benefits for much of recorded history.  Frankincense is probably most famous among Christians for references made to it in the Bible, among them being as one of the gifts given to Christ by the Three Wise Men.  While not as valuable as it once was in ancient times, the essential oil of the frankincense tree is still widely used to this day.

Frankincense Essential Oil Characteristics

Frankincense essential oil is released using steam distillation of the resin extracted from the tree.  The thin oil possesses a sweet, woodsy aroma that is both warm and uplifting.

Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

Throughout history, frankincense has been known for possessing health-promoting properties.  The essential oil can be used to repair damaged and aging skin as well as smooth wrinkles.  The extract is also believed to stimulate your immune system to help your body ward off illness.

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