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Cooking Up a Healthier Body with Ginger Essential Oil

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You may have heard of flower oils and nut oils -- try a root oil.  Ginger essential oil is used in aromatherapy as an invigorating massage liniment.  Its sharp, pungent, slightly citrus-like scent excites the senses.  In fact, it's been marketed as an aphrodisiac due in part to its exotic aroma!

As aromatic as ginger is, the root itself is often used in cooking to take out unpleasant scents and flavors, especially in seafood.  In spite of this, the type of ginger used for cooking and ginger essential oil do not differ that much from each other.  In fact, they share one very important factor: they both have high medicinal value.

Ginger “Essential” Oil?  Don't You Use Ginger for Cooking?

Ginger is one of the world's favorite spices, used as a healthy flavoring for sweets and various dishes.  Remember the gingerbread cookies that are always a favorite at children's parties?  Ginger extract can also itself be used to mix excellent beverages, such as teas and ales.

On top of being a popular spice, ginger boasts of medicinal properties that have been proven to work throughout the centuries.  One of its more remarkable abilities is curing stomach inflammations and nausea.  The pregnant women of ancient China used to take ginger to relieve morning sickness.  Powdered ginger is said to alleviate stomach pain, and ginger beer has been used as a “settler” for upset stomachs.  Is it any wonder then that a ginger “essential” oil could be wrought out of the very soul of this medicinal root?

Ginger Essential Oil in Massage Therapy

Ginger essential oil is used in aromatherapy for alleviating headaches and stomach cramps.  A massage with ginger essential oil gets rid of muscle cramps and muscle spasms -- very helpful and relaxing after a hard day at work or at play.  Feeling grumpy from a runny nose, sore throat, or gingivitis?  Ginger essential oil might just help you resolve these minor, though very annoying, problems.

Ginger essential oil is non-toxic and generally safe for use even on sensitive skin.  It is, however, slightly phototoxic, which means it accelerates burning.  It should not be used on skin that will be subjected to prolonged exposure to sunlight.  Aide from these minor caveats, there is no reason why any person should not enjoy and benefit from the medicinal and relaxing properties of this pungent product.

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