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Incense Burners: Playing a Major Role in Healthful Aesthetics

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The New Age movement has been gaining popularity these days, and so have other disciplines and accessories associated with it. From incense burners to mood candles to healing crystals, these products are used in areas such as alternative medicine and aromatherapy. However, one does not have to be a hard-core New Ager to enjoy and appreciate incense burners. Aside from being useful vehicles from which the soothing scent of burnt incense can be inhaled during an aromatherapy session, they are also beautiful decorative pieces that can contribute to a room’s ambience.

Incense Burners for One and All

Whatever the motif or theme of the room in which you plan to place your incense burners, you’re sure to find pieces that will complement other ornaments and furnishings and enhance the overall feel of the room. If you're the type of person who enjoys making handicrafts and you want to indulge your creative streak, you can make your own incense burners, either to own or to give as gifts. Or if you enjoy shopping, custom-made and specially-designed burners are available commercially. Some incense burners reflect the traditional uses of incense through their ornate and heavily embellished structures. Others take their inspiration from esoteric sources, such as Celtic or Wiccan rites. Still others follow minimalist patterns and are shaped in simple polygons.

Incense Burners in Feng Shui

Believers in the Chinese art and science of geomancy or feng shui find that the way in which incense burners are positioned can facilitate the flow of good energy in a room or a house. Not only that, but the materials from which these items are made as well as their colors are believed to also enhance feng shui principles. Materials such as metal, wood, terra cotta or clay all have mystical implications. Colors, on the other hand, reinforce the symbolism of burners and the incense they contain. Shapes also play a significant role in how incense burners direct the flow of good energy in various areas.

Incense Burners as Collectibles or Gifts

Because incense burners are available in myriad designs, shapes and sizes, more and more people are finding them to be ideal gifts or desirable collectors’ items. Some have very simple, elegant designs, while others may be embellished with gemstones or precious metals. Incense burners are available in the shape of dragons, fairies, wizards, and many other whimsical designs. Some are patterned after icons of today’s pop culture, such as comic book characters, and movie heroes. Whatever form they are in, incense burners are mystical reminders of how incense was used in ancient times and which we continue to enjoy today.

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