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You may associate a massage service with a fast-paced executive lifestyle.  Toward the end of a long week or during a harrying marketing campaign, you hear power executives talking about how much they're looking forward to a getaway at the beach, or the spa, and how they would like a good, long massage on top of everything.  The way massage is being talked about, you'd imagine the benefits of a massage were exclusive to the rich and the powerful -- but this is a common misconception.

Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy the benefits of a massage.  Saving up for a trip to the spa at month's end is actually saving up not for an extravagant splurging date, but for a healthy break.  Massage is good for the body and for the mind, in cleaning away negative thoughts and the buildup of toxins inside the body’s system.

Healing Benefits of a Massage

Unbeknownst to many, massage actually helps in the treatment of certain ailments.  Anemic people are avail of the healing benefits of massage because massage dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation, and increases red blood cells.  Paralytic patients definitely benefit from the physical therapy value of regular massage, as this prevents or delays muscular atrophy caused by inactivity.  While massage pushes out waste substances from the body, it also heightens the body's retention of essential substances, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur, which aid in repairing bone fractures.  Massage also lessens swelling and inflammation in the joints by improving circulation around the joints, and letting the body's nutrients flow into them more easily.

Benefits of a Massage During Pregnancy

The benefits of a massage need not pass by pregnant women!  In fact, it is arguably when one is pregnant that one most needs to relax and detoxify one's body.  Massage also stabilizes hormones by stimulating the glandular functions, resulting in less discomfort.  Cramping and nervousness are eased by massage, which would enable both mommy and the baby inside her to sleep better!

Pregnancy is a uniquely delicate state, however.  Great care must be taken in moving limbs and applying pressure to the muscles.  The use of certain essential oils may also be harmful, so it is best to have massage conducted only by an expert aromatherapist.

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