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Fun at Home with Soap Making Recipes

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Making soap is a fun hobby for many and a number of people have even turned this hobby into a home-based business. People who have been involved in this type of handicraft for a long period of time probably have their techniques and methods down to pat, and can probably make their soaps with their eyes closed. But for beginners, or those just about to test the waters, soap making recipes are not only recommended, they are necessary.

Soap Making Recipes: Help on the Internet

Entering the relevant words or phrases into Internet search engines will bring up thousands upon thousands of web sites that offer soap making recipes. Many of these sites offer not only recipes, but other facts and tips about the art of making soap. And any person is sure to find a number of sites that is suited to his or her level of expertise: novice, intermediate, or expert.

Web sites like Mortarandpestle.net and Woodsoapmolds.com offer soap making recipes using the cold process technique. This method is so called because a step in it calls for the cooking of the ingredients (lye, fats, water) and their removal from heat when they reach the right temperature. Hot process soap making, in comparison, entails longer cooking of the raw soap even after a high temperature is reached. Another difference between the two methods is that cold-processed soaps need to stand and set for several weeks while those made using the hot process method can be packed and used a lot sooner. In addition, hot process soaps do not crumble easily and are much easier to cut and shape.

Internet forums or discussion groups also offer a wealth of soap making recipes and information. This is especially helpful since members of these groups have already tried their recipes, and if you encounter problems in your efforts, you can always consult with them to find out and resolve what you’re doing wrong. Conversely, you can also share your own recipes with these people and contribute to the exchange of information -- one of the characteristics of the Internet.

Soap Making Recipes: Offline Resources

Aside from the Internet, there are other types of media that give soap making recipes, tips, and recommendations. The handicrafts section in bookstores is sure to offer books on the topic. Magazines and other publications dedicated to soap making also provide a wealth of information on the topic.

And of course, don’t forget or underestimate the help that can be given personally by people in the community. At times, workshops or demonstrations are held in handicraft stores or in malls – these are good times to get some soap making recipes firsthand. It’s an activity that is not only enjoyable, but useful, too. Following soap making recipes given by someone else or developing one’s own through trial and error can lead to physical and emotional rewards.

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