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Soap is a thing that most of us usually take for granted. We use it in one form or another everyday, and when we run out of it, it’s no trouble at all to get new ones in a store. A large number of people, however, have entered the thriving handcrafted soap business and are selling their wares either in physical store locations or online – or both. But if you simply want to try your hand at it and create soaps for personal use or to give as gifts to friends and family, soap making kits will give you an easy, fun, convenient, and modern introduction to this ancient art.

Basic Soap Making Kits

Many soap making kits – or so-called “melt and pour” soaps -- from online and offline retailers come with virtually everything that a beginner needs; these are true starter kits. They come with all the basic soap ingredients, plus the additives that give color and fragrance. Many even come with the molds in which the soap is poured before it hardens to its final shape.

One of the nice things about starter kits is that the user does not have to deal with the harsh ingredients – such as lye – that normally need to be handled when making soap from scratch. And there’s no need to measure ingredients painstakingly to ensure that soap results in the right texture and consistency. With soap making kits, all one has to do is to melt the base soap, pour it into the mold, and let his or her creativity loose during the design phase of the process.

A person can select from among the many designs, ingredients, and price range that most appeals to him or her. Many starter kits offer a “theme” when it comes to design and fragrance: some incorporate tropical or exotic ingredients, others go for more traditional and simpler characteristics, and there are those that encourage the unleashing of one’s imagination – they come with extras like glitters or small toys and figurines that can be encased inside the soap itself.

Soap Making Kits: Some Things to Remember

Some natural handmade soap purists disdain the thought of starter kits, stating that these systems do not use all-natural ingredients and that they generally produce poor-quality soap that will spoil the experience for beginners. However, many soap making kits today use very high quality ingredients – a number of them are even dedicated to the use of plants-only extracts, making them ideal for vegetarians. And many kits include ingredients that have aromatherapy benefits, which make them not only enjoyable to use but healthful as well.

However, easy as it is to use these starter kits, care should always be taken in using them. Accidents can happen, especially during the part when the base soap is melted in a double boiler or microwave oven. In fact, thousands of the “Soap Making for Kids” system from Pace Products Inc., had to be recalled by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission because of burn injuries sustained by some users and because of further risk of injuries. Soap making kits provide can educational and enjoyable experience for children, but adult supervision should always be present.

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