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One would have to ask, is there such a thing as "lead free candles"?  Why would candles have lead in them?  Isn't lead just used for batteries and steel equipment?  Actually, many candles manufactured since the dawn of recorded history have had lead content in their wicks.  Lead-free candles were unheard-of in the days when zinc and tin were the most popular material for wick cores.  Both zinc and tin have a share of lead in them.

Lead Free Candles in Helping Preserve Nature

Why should anyone care about lead in the first place?  Lead is a highly toxic substance which has been known to produce degenerative effects within the human body -- not the least of which is brain damage.  One example of the results of extended lead exposure is the effect it had on the Roman Empire.  Lead was a popular element in ancient Rome.  Some believe that the social degeneration that helped lead to the fall of that grand civilization was partly due to the fact that the people drank from lead cups, bathed in lead basins and used water that flowed out from lead pipes.  The element became the common poison that not only brought about sterility, various diseases and deaths, but degraded an entire civilization's thinking.

Thankfully, people are becoming more conscious of the health and environmental hazards of lead-based products.  Witness the increasing popularity of commodities such as lead-free paint and laws requiring unleaded gasoline.  Even personal and novelty items such as candles are becoming lead-free.  Now we can enjoy the unique, heady aroma emitted by a burning candle without feeling guilty about contributing to the degradation of nature.

Environmentally-Friendly Lighting through Lead Free Candles

As individuals we are not powerless to cut down our own lead usage, and be more responsible about the things we consume.  In our own households, we can cut down on the use of leaded products.  As mentioned earlier, one of these ways is to employ only all-natural, lead free candles for any lighting needs.

Scented lead-free candles would make for an earth-friendly, romantic evening with a special someone -- or a completely worry-free, fun evening indoors with infants and children!  The most important thing is that one could also enjoy the fresh relaxing scent of lead free candles without fear of inhaling or coming in contact with toxic substances.  Giving lead free candles as gifts for any occasion also shows a thoughtful consideration of the recipient’s health, and this may encourage him or her to give similar gifts to others.  Many of us may not reverse environmental damage in a major way, but by doing small things such as using lead free candles, we can prevent it a little at a time.

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