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Skin Revived with Rosehip Oil

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If you've ever shopped around for massage items, you must have encountered rosehip oil as one of the more popular massage liquids.  As an aromatherapy item, it is valued mostly for its therapeutic properties, particularly its ability to revitalize damaged skin and clean away dead skin cells.  This is because rosehip oil is a natural source of essential fatty acids, or vitamin F -- in fact it is so rich in vitamin F that it may well be a concentrated version, though one that is applied topically and not taken internally.

Ever thought about getting back that fresh, sexy look?  Vitamin F is good for making skin look and feel young and supple.  Not only that, vitamin F is also to thank for helping generate sexual and adrenal hormones.  Rosehip oil is rich not only vitamin F, but also vitamin A, which helps in replenishing and reinvigorating skin tissue.

Rosehip Oil Fights Aging

One of the things that make certain massage oils more in demand than most is their ability to heal broken skin.  Calendula oil is said to be good for treating light burns, scars and even persistent skin diseases; but when it comes to dealing with wrinkles and pigmentation caused by aging, rosehip oil is best.  No need to save up for expensive cosmetic surgery when this oil is available in health stores just about everywhere.

As one grows older, the skin generates less and less oil.  This is nothing short of a natural drying-up process.  For some people, this process sets in earlier and faster, which leads to the effect commonly known as "premature aging."  Massaging with rosehip oil slows this process, as this oil reduces the melting point of the fat naturally stored in the skin, opens the pores and allows melted fat to drain out, creating a natural, healthy sheen over one's skin.

Rosehip Oil Helps Heal Burn Scars

The powers of rosehip oil to heal burn scars were first discovered by a research team from the University of Concepcion in Chile.  Experimental liniments were prepared for180 patients with various types of scars.  It was found that rosehip oil was not only highly effective in treating minor burns, but also in treating wrinkles and other types of scars.  Since then rosehip oil has become a serious subject for medical research.  And as could perhaps be expected, Chile became a large exporter of quality rosehip oil.  Today, rosehip oil is used by aromatherapy masseurs and masseuses in cities all over the world.

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