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Aromatherapy Carrier Oils: Feeling the Soothing Power of Nature

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There are probably only a handful of things that can even come close to the feeling of getting a good, thorough massage when just about every muscle in your body is throbbing because of overwork, a particularly strenuous athletic event, or because you’re just plain tired. Throw in an aromatherapy massage, and you’ll feel as if you’re in seventh heaven, since only natural oils that smell heavenly are used to impart a feeling of refreshment, relief and relaxation. Aromatherapy carrier oils are an integral part of this type of massage, and you can usually tell if your masseur or masseuse is an aromatherapy expert partly by the oils that he or she uses.

Why and Wherefore Aromatherapy Carrier Oils?

Carrier oils are base oils or vegetable oils that are used as a solvent to dilute essential oils, since essential oils are too strong to be used for aromatherapy massage on their own. Aromatherapy carrier oils are usually vegetable oils that are cold-pressed, meaning no heat was used in extracting them from the fatty portions of a plant. Carrier oils therefore serve the function of carrying the essential oil deep into the skin or facilitating the skin’s absorption of essential oils during massage. If your masseuse uses mineral oil or baby oil as a carrier, beware. A true aromatherapy masseur or masseuse knows that these oils can actually deter the skin’s absorption of essential oils and you won’t gain their true therapeutic benefits.

Examples of Aromatherapy Carrier Oils

Aromatherapy carrier oils that are processed properly possess a substantial amount of vitamins and other beneficial properties. Also, when applied to the skin, they should feel smooth and light, not greasy or sticky. Some examples of aromatherapy carrier oils that are rich in vitamins, phytochemicals and antioxidants are rosehip oil, sunflower oil, peach kernel oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil and calendula oil. These aromatherapy carrier oils present the added benefits of mitigating wrinkles, preventing acne, moisturizing skin and balancing excessively oily skin. Plus, they smell and feel good, too!

Words to the Wise about Aromatherapy Carrier Oils

An aromatherapy massage is a pleasurable experience, in more ways than one. Massage by itself is a relaxing, soothing undertaking; but it can be a sensual, sexual experience as well. Certain essential oils used in aromatherapy massages have aphrodisiac properties, and aromatherapy carrier oils can heighten the sensual dimension of the experience. So be warned: if you are planning to give an aromatherapy massage to your significant other or if you’re on the receiving end, be prepared for an exciting aftermath!

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